We maximize your profit!

Alphacomm Solutions started life in 2003 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands to help businesses maximize their profit. We do this by implementing our years of experience and expertise together with pioneering the latest innovations in fintech. Our knowledge and solutions are trusted, proven and best in class.

We offer both consultancy and the right tools for: enhancing the top-up experience to the next level; Reloads, preventing payment frauds for a fraud-less world; Secure payments, and the ultimate collection results in the credit management process; Payment reminders.

Suppliers – Alphacomm Solutions’ technological tools are supplied by Alphacomm’s products, namely, PAYMAXX, CHECKMAXX, and COLLECTMAXX.

Reaching for the sky

Our goal is to be the global leader in securing payments. That’s why we dream big and think in solutions.

The Alphacomm Solutions difference

  • We are in it together

    We only make a deal if we know we can absolutely help you the right way. No gain for you is no gain for us.

  • We maximize your profit

    We help you maximize your profit with the best strategy and the latest technological tools in the industry.

  • Experienced & Trusted

    Our knowledge is based on more than 20 years of experience and is trusted by the world’s leading brands.

Our Staff

Huub Sparnaay

Huub Sparnaay

Chief Executive Officer


Michael Martens

Michael Martens

Head of Sales

Marcel Amens

Business Development Manager

Alper Altan

Business Development Manager
Pardis Gohari

Pardis Gohari


Jeroen Brik

Business Development Manager

We’re always looking for creative, goal-oriented individuals to strengthen our team.
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