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    Each industry has its own benefits, characteristics and considerations. Alphacomm respects the industry landscape and offers flexible solutions to meet your needs.

Mobile Operators

Mobile operators are facing interesting challenges nowadays. There is a massive growth in data usage and a serious decline in the revenue per user. And distribution of airtime or data passes is in most cases still indirect via points of sale or resellers. The worldwide acceptance and adoption of the smartphone gives operators the momentum to focus on direct distribution of airtime or prepaid top up services. Online top up applications for data or voice credit can easily be made available to the end user. When branded prepaid top up is available on the customer’s mobile phone, a top up is just a matter of a few clicks.

With over 10 years of experience and a consultative approach, Alphacomm already helps mobile operators to achieve this.

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Banking & Financial services

The major shift towards online banking has resulted in a rapid growth of website visitors for banks and financial companies. With our banking solutions, your customers are able to purchase prepaid top ups from every mobile operator or content provider directly via your e-banking environment. Offering this solution, you not only provide excellent services to your customers and significantly increase the number of transactions you process, but you also distinguish yourself from your competitors by providing the summum of ease and comfort for customers.

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