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Verhindern und abbauen der Verbraucherschuld in Europa

Schulden sind in allen europäischen Ländern weit verbreitet. Und obwohl die Ursachen für die Schulden unterschiedlich sein können, sind die Schuldenarten gleich. Sollten Unternehmen beim Verhindern und […]

Preventing and resolving European consumer debt

Debt is prevalent in all European countries. Though the causes may differ, the types of debts are similar. Should businesses play a more proactive role in preventing […]

Automatic Top-Up - Alphacomm Solutions - Reloads

Automatic top-up: future-proof or passing fad?

An interview with Alper Altan. We recently sat down and talked shop with Alper Altan. As the business development manager for Alphacomm Solutions’ top-up platform, Altan has […]

Are consumers ready for PSD2 (and SCA)?

In my previous articles, I mainly discussed what PSD2 and SCA will mean for businesses. However, all of these developments are and will continue impacting consumers and […]

Strong Customer Authentication Alphacomm Solutions

The truth about Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

Strong Customer Authentication is coming and it arrives – bearing headaches – on September 14th 2019. The impending implementation of SCA is part of the revised Payment […]

EBA Report: Pay attention to cybersecurity and customer education

The European Banking Authority recently released a report in July. In the ‘EBA report on the impact of FinTech on payment institutions’ and E-money institutions’ business models,’  […]

Cold hard cash: a look at the cashless trend in the United States

The cashless trend is global. But as we wrote in a previous article: the impending cash extinction will one day be upon us, it just won’t happen […]

Auto top-up for prepaid; the benefits of postpaid without the hassle

Auto top-up for prepaid; the benefits of postpaid without the hassle

Each and every mobile credit provider struggles with customer churn. So how do we keep prepaid customers coming back? The answer lies in giving more power to […]

Why the Libra just might succeed

Facebook recently announced the launch of a brand new cryptocurrency. The new currency, which is slated to go into circulation in the first half of 2020, will […]

Is your e-commerce or B2B website holding you back?

If you run an e-commerce or B2B site, you’re probably aware that there’s a positive correlation between a good user interface (UI) and a great user experience […]