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Catch me if you can, part II: how to handle card schemes and chargebacks

Modern-day organized gangs are able to strike within the short time it takes for a credit card transaction to clear. Especially in industries with high demand, fraud is inevitable. Yet, for many merchants, fraud is often an afterthought. That is, until a major attack has taken place. What can merchants do? Keep an eye on […]

Video reminders are changing the world of creditmanagement

Just as options for payment are changing rapidly, so are options for debt collection. In fact, with personalized video reminders, the future of payment reminders is here now. What differentiates this payment reminder solution from other methods is that it centralizes all payment options in one reminder. Not only can debtors opt to pay immediately, […]

Don’t miss that goal (or any potential reload revenue)

Imagine, you’ve made it to the World Cup and have an ideal seat to take a shot of Mo Salah’s next goal. While he races to the goal, kicking the ball in front of him with masterly control, you lift your phone and click as he shoots the ball in just the right corner. You’ve […]

Catch me if you can: tech savvy fraudsters in high-risk industries and how to combat them

Most of us remember the hit movie Catch Me If You Can, starring Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio, which tells the true story of master check fraudster Frank Abagnale. Much has changed since then, but the tactics fraudsters use remain the same. Just like Abagnale, modern-day organized gangs take advantage of the time it takes […]

Paylinks - Debt Collection Solution

Payment reminder solutions: embracing future trends and ongoing challenges

Collecting outstanding invoices is a necessity in business as old as doing business itself. However, that doesn’t mean debt collection has to lag behind the rest of society. Since the advent of the internet, a number of new debt collection solutions have emerged and there are more to come on the horizon. This technology offers […]

Top up channels and local & global payment methods

These days, there are almost as many top-up channels and payment methods as there are phone plans. But, as a wireless telecom operator, you need to know which payment methods best meet the needs of your prepaid phone customers and—at the same time—reduce customer churn.

Boosting installed prepaid base

Customer churn is a huge challenge in the prepaid phone market. No contract means no commitment. No commitment means pay-as-you-go customers can walk away from you without a moment’s notice. And that makes it tough for telecom operators to grow revenue sustainable from this particular installed customer base. So, how can you hang on to […]

Trends driving changes in prepaid phone plans

Customer churn is a massive challenge for providers of mobile phone plans, and prepaid customers are the most churn-sensitive of all. So, let’s look briefly at the dominant trends in the prepaid phone sector and discover which steps your company can take to boost customer loyalty.

Envelop final notice

Consumer debt collection: the latest trends influencing companies

Asking customers to pay overdue invoices is a routine task performed by all companies. After all, if customers don’t settle their accounts on time, serious financial problems are quick to follow. That slow and non-paying customers can put a brake on corporate investment was recently confirmed by the EOS Group survey ‘European Payment Practices 2017’.

Payment reminders by email or letter: Which is better?

Did you know that 20% of European companies blame customers who pay late or not at all for having to make redundancies or freeze recruitment in the last decade? No wonder so many businesses are turning to payment reminders and bill alerts to encourage customers to settle on time. But when it comes to choosing […]