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A convenience truth; how automation makes mobile top-up a more profitable experience

Pre-paid phones are very convenient. They bestow upon the customer a sense of control over their finances. Unfortunately, phone credit doesn’t last forever. For many people, being aware that they can always run out of credit leads to better awareness of their spending habits. On the flip side, topping up mobile phone credit isn’t exactly […]

The rise of mobile commerce; the case for mobile dunning solutions

“Speak to me in a language I can hear. Humour me before I am to go.” The opening lines to the Smashing Pumpkins’ 1995 hit Thirty-Three is more than an artistic expression of adolescent angst. It’s also a basic principle of customer service. At Alphacomm we aim to keep our finger on the pulse of […]

Happy new year to the FinTech industry from Alphacomm Solutions

Here’s to 2019! A message from Alphacomm Solutions

2018 has been a great year for FinTech. Never before has the industry been so rife with opportunities. Consumers are going digital at a mind-bending pace. With so many advancements being made in AI and an increasing abundance of APIs, we can’t pretend we’re not totally excited for what’s to come. Besides, why would we? […]

Canadians trade traditional payment channels for speed and convenience

Payment Canada’s 2018 Methods and Trends Report came out this week. The report, written by Payments Canada in collaboration with PSPs, payments consultants and researchers, aims to shed light on the Canadian payments landscape in 2017. Unsurprisingly, the overall conclusion of the report is that Canadians are increasingly opting for digital methods of payment as […]

Video reminders are changing the world of creditmanagement

Just as options for payment are changing rapidly, so are options for debt collection. In fact, with personalized video reminders, the future of payment reminders is here now. What differentiates this payment reminder solution from other methods is that it centralizes all payment options in one reminder. Not only can debtors opt to pay immediately, […]

Don’t miss that goal (or any potential reload revenue)

Imagine, you’ve made it to the World Cup and have an ideal seat to take a shot of Mo Salah’s next goal. While he races to the goal, kicking the ball in front of him with masterly control, you lift your phone and click as he shoots the ball in just the right corner. You’ve […]

Paylinks - Debt Collection Solution

Payment reminder solutions: embracing future trends and ongoing challenges

Collecting outstanding invoices is a necessity in business as old as doing business itself. However, that doesn’t mean debt collection has to lag behind the rest of society. Since the advent of the internet, a number of new debt collection solutions have emerged and there are more to come on the horizon. This technology offers […]

Top up channels and local & global payment methods

These days, there are almost as many top-up channels and payment methods as there are phone plans. But, as a wireless telecom operator, you need to know which payment methods best meet the needs of your prepaid phone customers and—at the same time—reduce customer churn.

Boosting installed prepaid base

Customer churn is a huge challenge in the prepaid phone market. No contract means no commitment. No commitment means pay-as-you-go customers can walk away from you without a moment’s notice. And that makes it tough for telecom operators to grow revenue sustainable from this particular installed customer base. So, how can you hang on to […]

Trends driving changes in prepaid phone plans

Customer churn is a massive challenge for providers of mobile phone plans, and prepaid customers are the most churn-sensitive of all. So, let’s look briefly at the dominant trends in the prepaid phone sector and discover which steps your company can take to boost customer loyalty.