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Envelop final notice

Consumer debt collection: the latest trends influencing companies

Asking customers to pay overdue invoices is a routine task performed by all companies. After all, if customers don’t settle their accounts on time, serious financial problems are quick to follow. That slow and non-paying customers can put a brake on corporate investment was recently confirmed by the EOS Group survey ‘European Payment Practices 2017’.

Payment reminders by email or letter: Which is better?

Did you know that 20% of European companies blame customers who pay late or not at all for having to make redundancies or freeze recruitment in the last decade? No wonder so many businesses are turning to payment reminders and bill alerts to encourage customers to settle on time. But when it comes to choosing […]

Automated voice reminders

Automated voice reminders vs. call centre agents: who wins?

Here’s a couple of interesting facts for you: 19% of customers pay late and 3% of customers do not pay at all. Yet more than 50% of private customers have excessive debt or pay intentionally late. That’s according to the “European Payment Practices 2017 Survey” by EOS.


Think your digital sales are protected by PayPal?

PayPal’s Seller Protection doesn’t cover digital goods. Surprised? You’re not alone. Many e-commerce merchants offer their customers PayPal as an alternative payment method because they want to sell online securely. What’s more, their customers trust it, and it works in 25 currencies around the world.

payment fraud

Do you know these types of payment fraud?

Confused by the astonishing variety of payment fraud? It’s not surprising. It seems the only limitation to the types of payment fraud taking place today is that of the fraudsters’ imagination. In 2017, losses due to unauthorised financial fraud totalled almost £732 million in the UK alone. The vast majority of payment fraud involves payment […]

Top 12 Countries Exposed to Chargeback Fraud

The temptation of international e-commerce. It’s irresistible to online merchants. Rightly so. As more and more consumers around the world get easy access to alternative payment methods, opportunities to grow sales revenue are escalating. Trouble is, cross-border transactions increase your risk of payment fraud greatly.