Tools for the modern credit manager.

Tools for the modern credit manager.

Rapidly reach your customers via voice message, e-mail and text (SMS) message.
Send all your invoices and reminders via voice message, e-mail and text (SMS) message.
Use our experience to optimise the communications of your credit management process.


Safe and easy payments with E-mail containing a paylink.


Reach customers personal and effective with voicecasts.


Remember customers fast and direct with text messages containing a paylink.


Combine all of our channels for the best results.

1.4 million debtors have problematic debts.

Lower your risk with our credit management communication tools.


of all phones in The Netherlands are smartphones.


of all text (SMS) messages are opened within 3 minutes.


of all calls are successfully delivered to fixed and mobile phones.


of all payments are made within 2 days after reception of the e-mail.

E-mail with payment link

Ultimately convenient for you and your customers: send e-mails with a payment link that serves as a digital acceptance giro and reminder. Your customers will be able to pay you via a paylink in a secure and trustworthy manner. The payment will be deposited directly into your bank account. You can indicate which reference needs to accompany the payment; automatic reconciliation of received payments is guaranteed. The e-mails also include several ingenuities that will prompt your customers to pay faster and better. And what’s the crowning glory? The sending of the e-mail won’t cost you a thing; you will only be charged once the transaction has been successful.

Some potential applications:

  • Pre-notification of the direct debit collection: results in less reversals
  • Reminder after entry reversals: more payments, less debt collection
  • Debt management reminder: more payments, reduced risk of write-offs
  • Manual sending: send your e-mail while you are on the phone with your customer and monitor the payment in real-time


Extremely efficient and yet personal for all your customers: voice messages on a fixed or mobile phone. The spoken messages are customised in order to ensure optimal results. Variables such as last name, outstanding balance and payment due date personalise the message. Your customers will be phoned via a known/recognisable number; this phone number is also reachable 24/7 for self-service. Moreover, you can also opt to have your customers redirected to your call centre. This will enable any eventual problems to be resolved directly.

Some potential applications:

  • Reminder during amicable phase: Results in up to 30% extra payments being received
  • Reminder during judicial phase: Can result in an up to 10% reduction of cases being transferred to a bailiff
  • Extra contact opportunity: Up to 40% of notified persons opt to speak with an employee

Text/SMS message (with payment link)

Short template messages that can be supplemented with variables: Text (SMS) messages are delivered instantly to all mobile phone numbers. Text messages are ideal for sending your customers a friendly pre-notification of when, for example, you plan to collect payment. You can also send your customers a text message with a payment link to serve as a quick reminder after a reversal. All this makes it very convenient for your customers to pay directly. The template messages are supplemented with variables such as last name, outstanding balance, payment reference and payment due date. The text/SMS messages are ideal for short reminders.

Some potential applications:

  • Notification of debt collection: reduces the amount of reversals
  • Reminder about payment scheme: increases the amount of payments received
  • Reminder during amicable phase with payment link: increases the amount of payments received


Obtaining phone numbers of customers for whom you don’t have a number on record: Data enrichment via two parties. This unique enrichment tool is able to attribute one or more numbers for up to 70% of the afflicted case files. These numbers become your property and you will receive them from us. A message can then be sent to all identified numbers. Data enrichment doesn’t just lead to additional numbers, but also represents enhanced efficiency in regards to your overall communications.

Some potential applications:

  • Case files without a phone number: Obtain one or more phone numbers for several of your case files
  • Case files with a wrong phone number: cases with a wrong phone number can be dealt with

Customers & Partners

Several large and small organisations use Annabel to send reminders to their customers in order to prompt them to take action. Are you curious to find out about the results we achieved for the below organisations? If so, please contact us!