Debt collection solution

Innovative And Flexible Debt Collection Solution

One of the greatest risks facing a business’s cash flow are payment defaulters. It doesn’t matter if your business is offline or online, if your invoices aren’t paid, eventually you will have only one result – liquidity problems. We are will handle your collections and reduce debts owed to you through our SEPA eMandate Services.

Our debt collection solution can help you maximize your payment collection thereby maximizing your customers’ lifetime value. All across Europe, the leading payment method for recurring transactions remains the Direct Debit. Direct Debit offers businesses the opportunity to build lasting customer relationships and avoid debts, even in online subscriptions and utility bills. With Alphacomm, you get the opportunity to access the largest Direct Debit schemes in all of Europe, thus enabling your business to collect recurring payments across as much as 21 countries seamlessly.

SEPA Direct Debit: Secure Payments for your shop

SEPA offers both you and your customers a lot of benefits. The fact that your customers can make use of their BIC and IBAN within the entire payment region makes it a lot more convenient for them. At the same time, your business gets payments promptly and doesn’t need to depend on the payment behaviors of your customers, thereby reducing your debts. Also, the Direct Debit authorization – when implemented – intensifies customer loyalty because your customers don’t have to supply additional information to make new purchases.

Simple. Smooth. Easy.

Our debt collection solution offers a simple, cheap and smooth way of receiving recurring payments. With just a few clicks, your customers can pay for your services without having to leave your website.

Our debt collection system goes beyond saving time; it offers amazingly new approaches that deliver flexible innovative payment options that are very convenient for your buyers.

Merchants now have the opportunity to offer more options; installments can be made for large payments and payments for recurring services can be automatically deducted from customers account when due. With the flexibility of our system, it becomes easy for you take payments on dates that are most convenient for your customers.

Optimize collection of your recurring payments

We also manage failed payments. We make it our responsibility to handle failed payments by notifying the debtor through direct debit retries as well as recovery with card. With Alphacomm’s Debt Collection solution, you can recover your failed credits and improve your collection rate significantly.

Automate Payments And Prevent Debt

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