Fraud prevention

Manage Risks. Prevent Fraud. Minimize Losses

Once upon a time, card fraud was an opportunistic crime carried out on a small scale by mostly small time crooks that got hold of information they shouldn’t have. Now, online payment fraud is a large scale, highly organized criminal set up seeking to exploit all vulnerabilities.

Personal liability is increasing

Does that keep you up at night?

It’s a massive task to keep your business safe from online payment fraud. It’s saddening that online fraudsters are getting smarter and more sophisticated by the day and in order to keep them at bay, you have to evolve with the trend or risk being a victim. It’s not possible to completely eliminate the possibility of online fraud however; the aim is to reduce it to the barest minimum.

Fraud prevention payments

The risk is in the unknown

Identifying the unknown risks and assessing the threats they pose is the way to tackle this problem. Your ability to proactively assess these entities can help mitigate risk factors and keep you safe. After this, putting your daily activities in check is the next step in this quest to keep out these criminals. This is the only way you can identify the suspicious transactions going n in the midst of millions of transactions.
How possible is it to monitor and quickly identify the activities in order to find the suspicious ones? You’ll have to investigate and resolve any issue discovered, all while adhering to standards and industry regulations of e-commerce fraud prevention.

Stay Protected. Stay Compliant.

It is extremely important to keep your organization safe from online payment fraud. I know you’re possibly wondering how you can effectively identify fraud patterns, assess risks, and stay compliant with the continuously changing regulations and still stay ahead of the cyber criminals. Well, Alphacomm’s e-commerce fraud prevention solution can help you out.

The protection you need

Our e-commerce fraud prevention solution offers you a clear view of the risk, thus giving you the opportunity to tackle the issues head-on while conforming to the ever-changing regulations. Our aim is to assist you in fighting online payment fraud, conform to regulations and most importantly, to offer you rest of mind.

The solution you can count on

Identify fraud patterns, prevent and stay safe from all online payment fraud, money laundering and compliance violations and get a holistic view of risk across your entire organization with Alphacomm’s fraud prevention solution. Our objective is to ensure that financial losses as a result of fraud is kept at the barest minimum and in the very rare conditions when things go wrong, we handle the fallouts with a disciplined case management process as well as a group of seasoned experts.

Related services include:
• Real-time, rules-based fraud detection systems
• Fraud control and management systems (including geo-blocking)
• Fraud reporting (including all of the necessary scheme liaison)
• Case handling (from initial assessment through to claims management)

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