Guaranteed payment solution

We make payments simple

Getting paid has never been easier with our guaranteed payment solution! We’ll take care of all your payment needs so you have one less thing to worry about. Our scalable and flexible platform enables you to sell anywhere and any how you wish; leaving you with ample time to focus on other important issues needed to grow your business. Every customer or buyer enjoys easy checkout process and will only patronize those that can offer them this convenience; we’ll make it happen. Our onboard process is quite easy, straightforward and takes little or no time at all. All that is needed to make payment very simple is what we offer Take secure payments quickly & easily with our guaranteed online payment solution.

Eliminate Chargebacks

Chargebacks can be very costly; our platform will help eliminate all chargebacks, fees and related fines. Chargeback elimination automatically reduces operation costs as you’ll no longer need the resources associated with the chargeback process and it’ll eliminate the need to hire staff to handle the chargebacks.

Risk Free

Any transaction we process on your behalf has a guarantee that you will receive payment. You are indemnified in every reasonable case, so there are no losses or disputes. The fact that we only charge for successful transactions implies that we need you to succeed because your success is our success.
Also, our secure online payments solution has the highest possible certification (Level 1 PCI: DSS) therefore, your clients are very safe with us.

Operational Efficiency

Unlike most of the secure online payments solutions available out there today, our secure online payments solution offers a comprehensive one-stop shop for merchants – thus, eliminating the need to manage multiple vendor and processing relationships, fraud teams and tools, engineering resources and disparate payment platforms; while enhancing efficiency in operations and delivering unlimited scalability.

Frictionless Customer Experience

We customize channel experiences by business objective, brand or customer experience in addition to handling all of the compliance requirements. These factors when combined properly can reduce friction in cross-channel shopping to decrease churn, increase brand loyalty and drive sales.

No Limits

Your customers will be allowed to pay when, how and wherever they wish such as real time bank transfer, PayPal, direct debit, prepaid cards or international debit and credit cards. We have the capacity to turn your existing limitations into competitive advantage by eliminating the constraints that are put on your business by payment processes.

A seamless way to sell

We understand that no 2 businesses are the same and as such, we customize our services to the needs of each business; ensuring that we offer you the most effective solution for your brand. Irrespective of your industry, brand location or size, we will help you grow a user-friendly and cost effective, simple and secure online payments solution.

Secure online payments, eliminate fraud and maximize your revenue.

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