Paymail or pay by email/text is an efficient and secure payment solution that gives you the opportunity to create customized payment links on a hosted payment page that is then sent send to customers, requesting invoice payment. A unique paylink is created for each invoice, making it impossible to use a link for a different payment.

Paylinks – easy to set up, simple, and fast

It is a straightforward and easy-to-use tool, which allows you send customized emails – with a “pay” button, embedded in it – directly to your client’s inbox. Our paymail solutions are available to our clients who wish to send paylinks directly to their clients for them to make hassle-free payments from their PC or smartphone.

How it works;

  • Create and attach paylinks to invoices
  • Payment is processed almost instantly
  • FREE merchant management system that reports payment processes in real-time
  • FREE ongoing maintenance

Paymail solutions are not just used on websites; they are a very convenient way for clients to make payments when they are on the move or busy handling a project. Just create and send them a paylink so they pay when convenient. E-mail paylinks are popularly used alongside invoices so whether you’re builder, a beautician or you offer personal training services, our paymail solutions are a flexible and smart way to request and receive payments.

Contact us today to find out more on how you can have a personal paylink established

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