Secure payment gateway

Streamline transactions with a secure payment gateway

In order to keep up with the competition, merchants need to evolve with the online business world, especially as there are constant changes and advancements in the convenience of online shopping and bill payment systems. A secure payment Gateway gives online merchants the opportunity to expand their business and improve customer relationships while increasing profit and avoiding late payments by making payments quick and easy.

Payment solution with fraud prevention

Our payment gateway offers a wide range of functions that can help you multiply sales and manage your business better. Our top notch management functions and merchant hierarchy includes a virtual terminal, fraud management tools, returns, batch uploading, voids, export and import features.
Also, there are transaction reporting tools, tokenization, recurring billing, account software integration, SHPF, ACH payments, as well as large ticket processing. What more are you looking for?

The complete toolkit for your online business

It doesn’t matter if you’re creating an ecommerce store, a subscription service or a crowd funding platform, our meticulous and unrivalled API designed makes it easy for merchants to create the best user interface for their customers. Businesses all over the world are scaling efficiently with the help of our  payment gateway.

Start sending and receiving payments today!

Alphacomm payment gateway was designed with one big vision: to ensure that cross-country online transactions are cheaper, safer and more accessible for merchants and businesses all over the world. Today, after gaining a significant market share, we have succeeded in helping numerous businesses thrive by eliminating the barrier on successful payments. Our omnichannel, fraud management tools and advanced security techniques make our payment gateway a top choice for merchants and suppliers the world over. With Blue Pay, you are sure your clients will have no trouble making payments in an efficient manner.

Our benefits:

  • Complies with PCI standards and ensures your business and customers’ data are secure at all times.
  • Enhance business operations with advanced management functions including returns, voids, batching and username permissions.
  • Swipe or hand key payments through several channels such as POS, mobile, payment plugins, software integration and shopping carts amongst others.
  • Works with all the major credit cards with very quick and secure verification.
  • Your business is protected with a comprehensive suite of fraud prevention tools

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