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Online bestellen en contant betalen is een stuk makkelijker geworden

Nieuwe samenwerking tussen Nederlandse Alphacomm Solutions en Duitse cash-payment gigant Barzahlen maakt online bestellen en contant betalen makkelijker voor miljoenen consumenten in Duitsland. In Duitsland is contant geld nog altijd koning. De helft van de Duitse bevolking van 18 jaar en ouder beschikt niet over een eigen credit card en bijna 80% van alle retail […]

Mobile phone users in Germany can now top-up their phones via WhatsApp

ROTTERDAM, December 2018 – Alphacomm Solutions and Alphacomm Digital Commerce team up to launch brand new WhatsApp top-up service In Germany. The service has been made available through the popular platform. Prepaid phone cards have always been popular in Germany. In 2016, approximately 23 million Germans used a prepaid card. However, while prepaid phone […]

Medion teams up with Alphacomm to launch Lenovo Legion Game Store

ROTTERDAM, November 2018 – Medion and Alphacomm team up to launch new online game store on Cyber Monday. The new Lenovo Legion Game store is an initiative of Medion, a Lenovo daughter company. Mondays often get a bad rap, but for many a tech-savvy internet user, Cyber Monday is the best Monday of the year. […]

Alphacomm interactive video reminders simplify the payment process and reduce the need for dunning.

[Leest u dit bericht liever in het Nederlands? Klik dan hier.] ROTTERDAM, November 2018 – Alphacomm Solutions launches interactive video reminders solution for payment collection. Many households have problems when it comes to paying their bills on time. While low income or forgetfulness usually play a role in late payments, the fact that language can […]

Alphacomm Solutions launches Fraud & Payment consultancy services

ROTTERDAM, November 2018 – Alphacomm Solutions launches fraud and payment consultancy in push to eradicate missed revenue. Fraud can affect businesses in a myriad of ways and the resulting reputation damage can ultimately lead to a loss of (potential) customers and future revenue. Unfortunately, fraud is still commonplace in the world of online transactions. As more […]

Alphacomm announces Chris Baars as new CCO

ROTTERDAM, August 2018 – Alphacomm welcomes aboard Chris Baars as new Chief Commercial Officer. The new CCO joins the team at a time when Alphacomm has set its sights on ambitious growth and expansion into new markets. In the first twenty years since its inception, Alphacomm has grown into a major player in complex payment […]