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Mobile phone users in Germany can now top-up their phones via WhatsApp

ROTTERDAM, December 2018 – Alphacomm Solutions and Alphacomm Digital Commerce team up to launch brand new WhatsApp top-up service In Germany. The service has been made available through the popular platform. Prepaid phone cards have always been popular in Germany. In 2016, approximately 23 million Germans used a prepaid card. However, while prepaid phone […]

Medion teams up with Alphacomm to launch Lenovo Legion Game Store

ROTTERDAM, November 2018 – Medion and Alphacomm team up to launch new online game store on Cyber Monday. The new Lenovo Legion Game store is an initiative of Medion, a Lenovo daughter company. Mondays often get a bad rap, but for many a tech-savvy internet user, Cyber Monday is the best Monday of the year. […]

Alphacomm interactive video reminders simplify the payment process and reduce the need for dunning.

[Leest u dit bericht liever in het Nederlands? Klik dan hier.] ROTTERDAM, November 2018 – Alphacomm Solutions launches interactive video reminders solution for payment collection. Many households have problems when it comes to paying their bills on time. While low income or forgetfulness usually play a role in late payments, the fact that language can […]

Alphacomm Solutions launches Fraud & Payment consultancy services

ROTTERDAM, November 2018 – Alphacomm Solutions launches fraud and payment consultancy in push to eradicate missed revenue. Fraud can affect businesses in a myriad of ways and the resulting reputation damage can ultimately lead to a loss of (potential) customers and future revenue. Unfortunately, fraud is still commonplace in the world of online transactions. As more […]

Alphacomm announces Chris Baars as new CCO

ROTTERDAM, August 2018 – Alphacomm welcomes aboard Chris Baars as new Chief Commercial Officer. The new CCO joins the team at a time when Alphacomm has set its sights on ambitious growth and expansion into new markets. In the first twenty years since its inception, Alphacomm has grown into a major player in complex payment […]