Online reload solution

The topup app that loves all devices

The growth of any prepaid service provider depends significantly on the ease and efficiency of topping up. The rapid growth of prepaid business for mobile and other service providers globally has brought about a need for vendors to offer rich systems that are both robust and scalable and that can effectively handle large volumes of transaction. Our online reload solution combines all your electronic payment needs in one platform so your customers can top up or recharge credit for mobile, online games, internet, music, and even international calling cards. Our auto reload solution offers an amazing experience for customers who want to top up their prepaid accounts in real time. And, transactions are completed in only a matter of seconds. This methods eliminates the old scratch card technique and offers great flexibility and comfort to clients who wish to top-up their mobile networks, prepaid utilities, prepaid electricity, prepaid TV, calling cards, ISPs etc. Our prepaid topup solution offers lots of benefits to distributors and subscribers of service providers.

Reduced Costs and Increased Profits

There are significant costs attached to printing of reload cards, distributing them, storing them as well as issues of damage and fraud. A voucher-less electronic online reload solution eliminates these risks thus giving room for more profit.

Improved Distribution Channel Experience

Service providers will have the opportunity to assign the preferred parent-child relationships within the hierarchical structure. No time needs to be wasted in the supply process of our auto reload solution.

Enhanced Market Reach

More geographical zones can be covered with our online topup solution, even the more remote areas. Also, the low entry cost for retailers makes it easier to expand the reach of the brand. All you need is a low cost mobile phone to start the business.

Fast Response to Market Dynamics

Our online reload solution encourages fast and flexible configuration as well as launch of new service packages and promotions needed to gain a competitive edge in the market. This is because it allows you to respond to market needs based on strategy and competition moves.

Powerful Online MIS

Our online reload solution provides online and real-time MIS showing real-time sales data to service providers; this helps with decision-making and the implementation of high performance product packaging and sales thus resulting in optimum productivity levels.

Guaranteed and secure online reload solution

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