Prepaid topup solution

The Easy path to Prepaid Topup

Our prepaid topup solution offers mobile prepaid topup options to merchants -anytime, anywhere- via retail distribution channels or online payment channels. This flexible system enables secure value topups with the aid of USSD, SMS or host based messaging. This is a lot more convenient because it eliminates the need for vouchers; making it very cost effective and convenient for both you and your customers.

How does our Auto Topup Solution Work?

Our online Topup solution is an amazingly effective and efficient substitute for physical prepaid top up vouchers. Its transactions are voucher-less therefore you can create a hierarchical distribution model for distributors, plus, all distributions are done real time.

You categorically define the business rules

This includes the hierarchy of distribution, commissions, pricing and discounts. All transactions are safe and quick and until a transaction is completed, it can be reversed at any point.

Everything is in your control

This includes pricing, topups, margin and sales coverage across all customers while being shielded from the direct management and reseller cost. Thanks to the elimination of physical vouchers, the profit margin is drastically improved because there’ll be no need for production, storage/ warehousing, distribution and fraud will be reduced/ eliminated. On the other hand, the service offered is a lot more effective and convenient for customers.

The possibilities of our prepaid topup solution

  • Our prepaid top up solution improves your distribution opportunities and increases your market share thanks to reduced operations costs.
  • It leads to a significant reduction in fraud, theft and the damage of physical vouchers
  • Our topup app solution improves savings in manufacturing cost, consequently leading to a reduction in the minimum topup amount and improved profit margins.
  • Where necessary, you can consolidate new market leads or adapt to changes in the market structure with little or no cost implication.
  • It also gives you the opportunity to streamline your distribution channels and sell directly to the end users.
  • Your business performance can be monitored and tracked in real-time.
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