Payment reminder solution

Never Send A Payment Reminder Again

Yes, you probably handle overdue invoice reminders personally but how profitable is this? Cash flow is very important, especially if you’re not a billionaire (if only wishes were horses). We know all too well the effects of non-payments or even late payments on your lifestyle. It can be very stressful, time consuming and in some cases, even awkward to chase invoices. Everyone dreads having to call a client to remind them of a late payment especially if it’s a great customer. However, unpaid invoices mean that there’s no cash to continue living so it has to be done. You need our payment reminder solution.

Sometimes, some clients simple forget to pay their bills, the onus is on you to remind them with a firm but gentle payment reminder. Sending an invoice reminder means that you get paid faster and it reduces the chances of delayed or non-payments without compromising your great customer relationship. Our payment reminder solution is the way to go.

Payment reminders

Our payment reminder solutions are based on our deep understanding of the payment processes. We are well aware of and make use of appropriate and respectful processes that lead to faster payments while maintaining the great seller-client relationship. We are popular for our high values and successful processes. Thanks to our deep understanding of people’s payment trends and patterns, we can individually adapt the strategy to suit different customers, even those that intentionally do not pay ones.

Our Payment reminder solution hastens payment, reduces the chances of never getting paid and lowers collection costs. With the improved cash flow that we guarantee, our clients can focus on other important parts of their businesses.

All types of payment reminders

We handle all types of invoice reminders, from emails, to calls, to SMS. Straight to their mobile phone
When it comes to communication, mobile is the only practical channel for delivering real-time account information or invoice reminders as our Smartphones have almost become an appendage. We deliver payment reminders straight to mobile phones

Boost your sales

Prevent late payments and minimize the cost of processing payments by making use of our effective payment reminder solution. We have a very high success rate.

Improve your client relationship

Your relationship with your customers can be strengthened by timely, personalized reminders because it reduces if not eliminates the awkwardness of bill collection.

Never worry about invoices becoming overdue

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