SMS Reminders

Improve on-time payments, reduce costs, and automate payment systems

At one point or another, everyone experiences cash flow issues emanating from delayed payments (don’t worry, it’s not just you). Most of the time, non-payment is simply an advertent oversight- SMS reminders will easily fix this. With the aid of our SMS reminder system for the facilitation of billing and payments, you can significantly reduce late payments, by prompting clients to pay up on time.

Save thousands (if not millions) in debts and collections with SMS reminders that cost just pennies to send. Our SMS reminders help your clients know immediately their invoice is late- you could even start sending a couple of days before the invoice is ready- this way, they put your money in their plans for the week or the month as the case may be.

SMS reminder systems pay for themselves

Our SMS reminder system automates the whole procedure thus reducing collection and accounting costs. We personalize your message with specific account details to better communicate and increase convenience and conversions. With our customizable templates, flexible delivery options as well as detailed analytics, it’s easy to trust us to handle your important SMS reminders.

SMS Reminders can be used to;

  • Advise due dates for payments
  • Let clients know when payments are overdue
  • Offer discount incentives for early payments
  • Let clients know the consequence of non-payment

Why use SMS Reminder System?

  • Instant messaging has a higher open rate, so you know your message will be seen.
  • SMS has a higher response rate
  • It consumes less time than postal or email reminders
  • Respectful and discreet SMS reminders
  • Possible tracking of response rates thanks to delivery receipts
  • Set alert parameters
  • Integratewith your existing software system for automation
  • For simplicity, you can easily link back to your website’s payment gateway
  • Easy reply which boosts customer-seller relationship

SMS reminders record better results with clients, particularly when they are politely framed, well timed and mindful. Research has shown that an SMS sent a day before due payment date results in a significant increase in on time payments. Even when payments are late, SMS reminders quicken the payment process.

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