Voice Reminder Solution

Stop Making Those Unpleasant Payment Collection Calls

Let’s be honest, no one enjoys making collection calls. It’s one of those things that almost everyone dreads therefore it makes sense that they be automated. Automating your collection calls saves you a lot time, money, energy and manpower.

Automate Your Collection Calls With Our Outbound Voice Reminders Solution

Our Voice Reminder Solution will get your message across very quickly, through our efficient and effective voice broadcasting services, which has proven to be more effective, less expensive and less time consuming than mailing past-due notices. With the help of automatic dialers and powerful network, you can conveniently reach multiple lines multiple times per week. Outbound voice reminders also eliminate the need for traditional expensive PBX system or the need to employ several people just for the sake of making collection calls. Leaving you with more time to manage and speedup your revenue cycle.

The benefits of our Voice Reminder Solution

Improve your bottom line

Your cash flow is reliant on both your income and expenditure, and to remain solvent it is important that payments are received and early too. With our voice reminder solution, it becomes easy to remind customers of unpaid invoices and encourage payments from seriously delinquent accounts thereby improving your bottom line.

Follow Regulatory Guidelines

Every now and then, government policies on the use of communication technology for contacting clients changes and for this reason, it is better to have professionals who understand and are up to date on the rules and regulations on outbound voice reminders handle your collection calls.

A Solution for everyone

Whether you need to make just one voice call or you have hundreds to make, our voice reminder solution will work for you and save you the stress, time and man power you currently expend on calling clients to remind them about their overdue payments.

Unprecedented Reach

With our voice reminder solution, you can easily contact millions of clients simultaneously. You’ll agree with us that more touch points will most likely equate to more replies, which in turn implies you get more collections.

Personalized Automated Customer Experience

Our outbound voice reminders are capable of creating a customized user experience with human-like voice quality, as well as voice modulation techniques to trigger the emotional involvement of the person on the other end of the line.

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