ID Check

Alphacomm offers an advanced and secure ID check platform for SIM registration for telco’s. More and more governments are implementing new laws to force Telco’s to stop with distribution of unregistered SIM cards. Our SIM registration platform is very flexible and has all the modern input methods to make SIM registration as simple as possible, resulting in maximum conversion.

This is a tailor made solution different per country.

Some high-level features:
  • Supported platforms: Web (mobile responsive) and/or App
  • Channels: self service online and/or platform for point of sales
  • SIM registration or validation
  • ID check input methods: Manual input, Scan via barcode scanner or OCR, Postident integration, E-ID (specific countries)
  • Possibility for ID validation via external (commercial) databases
  • Activation SIM card directly on network of operator after successful session
  • Possibility to dump collected data and ID info on system of operator (CRM)
  • Point of sale platform including full control for operator (enable, block, reports, etc..)
  • Self activation online or via letter with activation code
  • Advanced encryption of all data
  • Redundant ISO 27001 hosting
  • No storage of data on device of POS (like scan of the ID)
  • Custom SLA (24/7 is possible as well)

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